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The Point of Audits and Assessments

Tracking supplier audits across the enterprise can be difficult. Documents arrive from multiple sources. Each production facility may have different processes. Tracking status relies on working with both internal and external people. Creating custom built portals requires ongoing maintenance from overworked facility.

IMI provides a complete supplier audit and certification management system out of the box. Be ready for any audit, any day, at any time. Suppliers provide status updates to their audits, which you can track using the built-in workflow. IMI provides a single location to view and track audits and certifications for both your factories and your suppliers. Within seconds, show auditors that you have control over supplier and internal audit activities to maintain compliance across all industry standards. Finally, IMI provides a means to analyze audit results. Based on working with a number of Fortune 250 companies.


Consumers and pressure groups are increasingly concerned about the social conditions in which workers from developed and developing countries are subject to Forced Labour, Child Labour, Low Wage, Poor Conditions and Dangerous Working Environments.

The issue of social accountability in manufacturing is a sensitive one. Instead of a short-term view, we can encourage adoption of a long term programme of social improvement within the factory.

Audits and assessments are conducted to evaluate the risks at a production facility, and to determine if goods have been manufactured under fair labor conditions. These audit findings provide you with the information you need to make important sourcing decisions, and help to identify and address non-compliance issues such as hours of work, wages, fair and equal treatment, and health, safety and environmental concerns. We have the advantage of a close understanding of local economies as well as social and religious issues. This allows we can work with both the manufacturer and the retailer to obtain the best all-round solution. We are able to highlight areas of improvement and promote programs to improve social conditions over a planned and structured timescale.

We conduct these services globally, focusing on Apparel and Footwear, Jewelry and Accessories, Food and Beverage, Consumer Products, Toys and Electronics. We also have experience with a range of initiatives, including the FLA, FJATA, ICTI, SA8000, WRAP, SMETA, Responsible Business Alliance (formerly EICC), and others. To audit, assess, and improve workplace conditions, IMI provides the following services:

Social & Ethical Audits

Social audits help to measure and report on a manufacturer’s social compliance and ethical performance, initiating the compliance dialogue between brands, retailers, and their supply chain partners.

IMI’s local compliance specialists conduct social audits across a wide range of industries throughout the Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. Using a multi-tiered auditing approach, our compliance specialists employ current and effective auditing methods and techniques to corroborate evidence, applying the cultural sensitivity required for successful social audits. Further, they have the discipline to consider their own inherent cultural biases, biases that might otherwise cause them to unwittingly overlook basic factory conditions.

At IMI we take a deeper approach to auditing that goes beyond a scorecard or checklist model. To create true transparency, we work through the entire audit process with the supplier, taking the time to explain issues of concern, providing possible solutions and answering any questions as they arise. Audits are conducted against the compliance standards set forth by our clients or recommended by IMI, and include opening and closing meetings with management, observation and physical inspection of the facility, comprehensive document and record review and confidential worker interviews. We adhere to International Labor Organization (ILO) standards, United Nations conventions, and regional laws and regulations, and take into consideration all known regional challenges and supplier histories. SA 8000 Audit, WRAP Certification Audit, BSCI Audit, SEDEX, Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Audit and ETI Base Code Consists of Nine Principles.

Pre-Audits Remediation Verification Audits Issue-Specific Audits Fire Safety Assessments Management Systems Assessments Security Assessments Factory Improvement Chemicals Management Training Capacity Building Training Capacity Building Strategy Development Monitoring & Evaluation

2nd Party Audits

Customized Audit Solutions

Validate the Strength of Your Supply Chain


In recent years, competitive pressures, globalization and increasingly discerning consumers have forced retail corporations to increase the number of suppliers they work with. Thus, large national and international supply chains have become a central part of an organization’s operational strategy because of key advantages of labor, quality, and logistics. However, it is recognized that with these advantages come risks. These risks are associated with social, environmental, health & safety and product quality/safety factors. Being proactive in improving supply chain performance requires evaluation of processes and procedures, measuring the results in order to better react to risk, monitor market signals and facilitate continuous improvement.

What is a 2nd party audit?

A second-party audit occurs when an organization audits their suppliers, or their own facilities, to their own proprietary requirements and codes of practices. The audit process helps the organization to avoid the risk of product recall, service failure, or compliance issues by finding and correcting problems before they affect the customer or end user.

IMI can enable you to roll out and monitor the performance criteria defined in your business strategy. Audits can be performed either to suppliers or to organizational network.

Supplier Assessments

Auditing your suppliers’ processes against your own quality, safety, or security requirements will ensure the reliability of your product and the strength of your supply chain. By outsourcing these audits to IMI, you can proactively monitor supplier performance and ensure that:

  • Our supply is maintained to your specific requirements and standards;
  • Our Protect your brand and reputation;
  • Our reduce monitoring cost;
  • Our organizations value and strategy are thoroughly understood and implemented;
  • isks associated with your supply chain are cost-effectively managed;

Assessments against Code of Practice

Monitoring the adherence of your network to the values, policies and procedures you have defined in your Code of Practice will ensure that:

  • Customer loyalty is enhanced
  • You can provide instant and verifiable information to shareholders and stakeholders
  • Performance is improved
  • Your Brand equity is preserved
  • Practices are consistent throughout your organization’s networks
  • Your organization’s networks achieve the level of efficiency and performance you require

Our customized audit solutions ensure you that your organization and your suppliers are abiding to the standards and code of practices you have set for them. Moreover, we can help you set up the assessment scheme, if you haven’t any, which is necessary to monitor the performance of your suppliers or your network. Our auditors and experts have the skills and knowledge that are specific to your industry and business and the integrity and professionalism to help your organization achieve your goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. Outsourcing these services to IMI you will gain a consistent, professional and unbiased approach in a very cost-effective manner, as you will save money from developing internally equivalent resources.